Navy Faces $400M Dollar Repair to Nuclear Sub stemming from a Vacuum Cleaner

KITTERY, Maine – the US Navy confirms that a Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine originally built for $900 million was heavily damaged by a fire stemming from a vacuum cleaner.

The sub was dry docked for a lengthy repair and renovation expected to last 20 months.

The process had begun in February and by all accounts was progressing fine. However, on May 23 a fire broke out which lasted ten hours.

It was reported that intense heat was generated in the command and control room and even the torpedo room. By the time it was extinguished, the repairs had mounted substantially.

The Navy expects the fire induced repairs to cost $400M. Furthermore, the Navy has yet to confirm the stability of the hull.

A statement from the naval shipyard read “Navy engineers are conducting a full technical assessment including internal and external hull surveys and damage assessments to develop a detailed cost estimate.” The Navy is expected to repair the submarine.

$400m fire in nuclear Sub Started in Vacuum cleaner

$400m fire in nuclear Sub Started in Vacuum cleaner