North Yorkshire, England – in a town situated not too far from where Bram Stoker breathed life into the un-dead vampire Dracula, a bona fide vampire-hunting kill will go up for auction on June 22. The auctioneer, Tennants Auctioneers, states the kit is “almost complete and in good condition”. What does such a kit come with? Here’s the list:

* A mahogany box houses the entire kit
* Hunters tools:
Mallet & stakes both of wood
A hand pistol
Steel bullet mould
* Protection Items:
Glass bottle of holy earth
Glass bottle of holy water
Glass bottle of garlic paste
A prayer rosary
Anglican prayer book dated 1857

In short, the kit contains everything you would need to either ward off the night stalker or permanently send him/her to their well-deserved demise. It was not announced how much this item is expected to sell for but similar ones have sold in the USA for roughly $1,500.

19th Century Vampire-Hunting Kit On Sale