Participants on the 1910 Polar Expedition led by Robert Scott to Antarctica were so shocked by what they considered to be perverted sexual behavior of the Adelie Penguins living there that they refused to publish their findings upon their return.

Only recently have their notes been rediscovered at the Natural History Museum in Tring, England and finally published. Notes from Dr. George Levick, who observed the Adelie Penguins during the Terra Nova Expedition in the early 20th century, described a variety of sexual behaviors considered perverse and Levick marked his findings “not for publication.”

Adelie Penguins were observed participating in various forms of homosexual activity, physically and sexually abusing young chicks, raping physically handicapped penguins, sexually coercing an unwilling partner as well as necrophila.

In order to prevent his notes from easily being read , Levick wrote his shocking observations in Greek. Levick described the penguins as “hooligans” and their sexual activity as “criminal.”

Adelie Penguins Sexual Behavior Hidden For Years