Jerusalem is using technology to combat its dog poop problem. The city is planning to collect DNA of the city’s dogs. When the illegal poop is collected the dog will be tracked down and the owner will be fined. The municipality said that it would collect saliva samples from dogs to add to the DNA database. The municipality released a statement saying that the establishment of a dog DNA database will reduce the soiling of pavements, public spaces, and parks.

When the city has complied the DNA database, testing will be conducted to see whether the samples can match dog poop droppings around the city. There are 11,000 dogs registered in the city of Jerusalem. The city hopes to get samples from 80 percent of its dog population.

Residents of the city have mixed opinions on the Dog DNA database. People in other countries are saying that a similar program needs to be implemented in other cities.

Jerusalem Will Use Dog DNA To Combat Poop Problem