Celebrities have to contend with zealous fans and cunning stalkers as part of the price of fame. But actor Orlando Bloom recently had to contend with a naked man lurking around the bushes outside the mansion he shares with wife Miranda Kerr in Hollywood.

Police were alerted that a naked man was in Bloom’s neighborhood, shouting about the fact that he was high on drugs and then laying directly on the street in the path of oncoming traffic.

When the man saw the Los Angeles police cruiser approach, he dove headfirst into a patch of bushes right next to the street. Officers on the scene put on gloves for safety first prior to getting the disturbed individual out of the bushes and safely into their patrol car.

He was handcuffed and taken away for psychiatric observation and no one was injured. Neither Bloom nor his wife had any comment about the unusual incident.

Police Arrest Naked Man Outside Orlando Bloom's House