Romanian Truck Heist – This Was No Action Film

This was not a film shot from a heist movie and the two men were not stuntmen. What the Romanian police helicopter surveillance picked up was a real. They filmed and witnessed a brash nighttime would-be truck robbery, in motion.

Police caught two Romanian gangsters in the middle of a high-speed robbery hanging off the hood of their vehicle. The truck never slowed down and passing traffic continued to wiz by. However, this never seemed to bother the gangsters.

The police were already on the lookout for signs of this criminal behavior due to several previous truck heists when they spotted the heist-men. At one point, it looked as if they were going to be successful, as the truck door opened slightly.

In the end, they gave up their audacious plan and went back in through the sunroof of the vehicle. This time, unlike the previous successful heists, they would not get the loot that has included, televisions, coffee, and most the prized, cigarettes.

This band of Romanian gangsters has yet to be identified by the authorities. Investigators are still following tips and leads.

Romanian gang rob moving truck, caught on video

Romanian gang rob moving truck, caught on video