Actress Ingrid Bergman died on the same day she was born. So did playwright William Shakespeare. Now scientists have discovered that a person’s birthday also has the highest probability of being the same day on which they will die.

Individuals who were 60 years of age and older have a 14% higher likelihood of expiring on the same day that they blow out their birthday cake candles. Researchers made the findings after studying more than two million individuals over the course of four decades.

The most likely way that an individual would die on their birthday is by stroke, falls, heart attack and suicides. Men were found to be at much higher risk for having a fatal heart attack while celebrating their natal day, while women were found to be more susceptible to suffering a fatal stroke on their birthday.

The study also found that people had a 25% higher risk of accidental death on their birthdays.

Study Shows People More Likely To Die On Birthday