Blu-Tack Banned
A Scottish primary school has been banned from using the popular adhesive Blu-Tack in their classrooms.

This ban is a result of information that the adhesive can explode if it comes into contact with glass.

Now students work is no longer being displayed in the windows of the school.

The private companies that own the school building was told about the risk of using this adhesive on glass because it can result is the glass smashing but many are saying this is not true at all.

Blu- Tack’s manufacturer states specifically that this product can be used on glass along with many other surfaces.

The risk of the adhesive causing glass to explode has been ruled out and is in fact a myth.

The government’s health and safety division has stated the claims as untrue. Although this myth is busted, many still do not know what to believe about Blu-Tack.

Teachers banned from using Blu-Tack, Could Explode?

Teachers banned from using Blu-Tack, Could Explode?