“Holding Hands” Gone Viral

Holding hands with someone is always a nice feeling. But, what if someone that you did not know just walked right up to you and held your hand?

That is exactly what 22 year old college student Andrew Hale did. He uploaded a video on YouTube on Monday “Holding Hands With Strangers”, by Wednesday it had over 700,000 views. The title holds up to its name. He would simply walk beside a random person on the Utah Valley University campus and attempt to hold their hand. Laughter, anger, and revulsion were some of the reactions he got from this.

Hale is known for creating awkward situations and filming the different reactions.

He then uploads them onto his YouTube channel “Losing All Hope Was Freedom” (LAHWF), which is a quote from the movie “Fight Club”. He has several other prank videos like “Holding The Door Open For People That Are Far Away” and “Staring At People.”

He actually makes a profit from the ads on his YouTube channel. He is hoping that this will help pay his way through college.