Located in Lexington, Kentucky, a fisherman brought up a prosthetic leg while in the Gulf of Mexico. The interesting part about the situation is that he found the legs owner. The prosthetic leg contained a logo that was labeled “University of Kentucky” and has the school’s mascot on it which is a wildcat. The fisherman, named Matt Willingham, stated that he contacted the prosthetic leg’s manufacturer to determine who the original owner was.

The leg owner has said to be Fred Robinson who was on the University of Kentucky’s football team in the 80’s and has the prosthetic leg due to an accident at work about five years ago. The prosthetic leg cost about $30,000.00. Robinson has stated that he was swimming during Memorial Day weekend when he lost his prosthetic leg. While he was swimming, the prosthetic leg was sucked off. Just comes to show that things are not always lost forever.

Prosthetic Leg Was Lost At Sea Has Been Returned To Owner