LLacey Wildd Photos: Mother of Six who wants to Enlarge Breasts to Triple M

Lacey Wilde is a Florida mom of six who has gone under the knife a total of twelve times to reach her current L cup bra size.

Insiders say that she has not intentions in stopping until she reaches her goal of triple M cup breasts.

She hopes that her goal size will bring her more fame as a model and possibly land her the title of “biggest breasts in the world”. Lacey Wilde’s real name is Paula Simonds and she is showing no concern with the teasing that her children receive by school mates.

“If I have triple M implants it will take me into the top 5 big breasted models in the world,” Wildd told the Daily Mail. “There is a top 5 and then everybody else is below that.”

“It will increase my fame and earning power considerably. I want to make the most of this opportunity, to give my kids a good lifestyle,” she continued.

This big breasted mom should probably stay away from the camp fires or any open flames. We wouldn’t want those puppies to melt.

Her 16-year-old daughter Tori fears for her mothers health.

“I don’t want my mom to have her boobs made any bigger.I think she isn’t really thinking about our opinions. What if she dies? Is she taking that into consideration?” she said.

“Does she really care that her kids could be left alone?”

Wildd has admitted that the surgery can kill her but she is going to take the risk anyway.

“I know that the surgery is going to be dangerous. I went into this knowing that there are going to be very big risks involved. But I’m ready to take that chance,” she said.

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