Toddler Tossed From SUV: Caught On Police Cam (VIDEO)

According to Lubbock police, a toddler was tossed from a fleeing suspects vehicle when their SUV crashed.

Police have released frightening footage of the incident, captured on a police officer’s dash cam.

Police were in the midst of a chase with some teen robbery suspects when the SUV the suspects were riding inside flipped over.

A toddler who was riding unsecured in the backseat of the SUV was tossed out onto the street.

Police say the child was able to stand up immediately after the incident.

One of the suspects jumped out of the SUV and rushed to pick the little girl up and take her out of harm’s way. She was taken to an area hospital with minor injuries.

According to FOX 34 News, the person seen rushing back to recover the child is her mother.

The teens face several charges, including injury to a child.