Trucker Duct Tapes Fuel Adding to a Leaky Situation

A Canadian fuel tank driver working for a Saskatchewan company managed to add more fuel to a leaky situation.

A truck stop employee near Livingston, Montana contacted authorities after noticing a substantial diesel fuel leak surrounding a tanker.

The trucking sleeping beauty awoke to find Park County firefighters eagerly pounding on his tractor door around 3 a.m. Fire Chief Dann Babcox noted that around 100 gallons of diesel fuel had leaked from the driver’s duct taped quick fix around a fuel line.

The stuck truck driver admitted that he might have smacked into something while zooming down Interstate 90. He states that he saw nothing upon stopping to inspect for possible damage.

Here are 25 “proven” uses for duct tape:

Hanging posters.
Decorative book cover.
Fix broken tail light on vehicle.
Twist a long piece into rope (thousands more uses).
Tape wires down on floor or out of the way.
Tape wires back together after splicing (much wider than electricians’ tape).
Reattach rear view mirror.
Repair cracked windshield/window.
Patch ripped clothing.
Hide unsightly wallpaper seams.
Repair broken hoses.
Repair broken fan belt.
Use as art medium.
Fix broken book binding.
Band-Aid for really big cuts.
Attach leg splint to broken leg.
Wallpaper your house (may be slightly expensive, but well worth it for the resulting sophisticated look).
Reinforce pages in 3 ring binder.
Cover up empty drive bays.
Fold in half and use as bookmark.
Disk labels.
Rappelling harness.
Toilet paper.
Hinge on cabinet door.
Repairing leak in tire/inner tube.

Tractor Trailer Driver Used Duct Tape To Stop Fuel Leak - It Didn't Work

Tractor Trailer Driver Used Duct Tape To Stop Fuel Leak – It Didn’t Work