R Kelly thought he had it bad when he was trapped in a closset. Just think how a 67-year-old Virginia woman felt when she was stuck under a dresser for 4 days.

CBC News, reports, a woman was trapped for nearly four days after a dresser fell on top of her, officials in Oregon say.

Neighbours asked Washington County sheriff’s deputies to check on Cedar Mill resident Virginia Cartier, 67, on Friday, after they realized they hadn’t seen her in a while, KGW-TV reported.

Neighbor Rich Roisland told KCTV 5 he “hadn’t seen her in a few days, hadn’t heard much noise upstairs, but, like I say, she was pretty quiet anyway.”

Deputies forced their way into Cartier’s home and found her pinned beneath a dresser she had tried to move. Cartier slipped in and out of consciousness after not having any food or water for days, the officers said.

She was taken to hospital with injuries to both legs and is recovering at the home of a friend.

Woman Trapped Under A Dresser For Four Days

Woman Trapped Under A Dresser For Four Days