Luka Rocco Magnotta pleaded not guilty to murder and dismemberment of a Chinese student.

He briefly appeared in court via videoconference from Montreal.

Magnotta, 29, wearing a green shirt, remained impassive during the ten minutes of the hearing held in English from the police station north of Montreal where he has been detained since Monday night.

He has not shown a smile or even any facial expression.

Under guard watch, Magnotta pleaded not guilty through his lawyer Pierre Panaccio.

Panaccio requested that Magnotta be evaluated by a psychiatrist to determine his criminal responsibility. The court will consider that request Thursday.

Panaccio told his client that he hoped to speak with him later Tuesday.

“If you wish to call me at home tonight, I’d be pleased to talk about this,” Panaccio told Magnotta.

“Okay,” the suspect replied before being led away to detention.

Magnotta, who the media have dubbed the “Butcher of Montreal,” and “The Canadian Cannibal” gruesome murder and dismemberment of 33-year-old Chinese student Jun Lin and sending his feet and hands to Canada’s top political parties and two schools. The head is still missing.

"Canadian Cannibal" Luka magnotta Pleads Not Guilty In Montreal Court

“Canadian Cannibal” Luka magnotta Pleads Not Guilty In Montreal Court