Bubble Skin Man Remains Hopeful

A man from Indonesia has developed a rare disease where tumors form all over your skin. The condition began when he was 19 years old.

Chandra Wisnu, known as ‘Bubble Skin Man‘ is seeking help through the public because he is afraid for the sake of his two children.

The skin disease is said to be genetic, so there is a chance that they could develop the disease.

He said: “There was no special treatment for my disease, I was just told to see one dermatologist after another because they did not know how to treat me.

“After this my dad did not believe there was any reason to take me to hospital anymore and I never saw a doctor again.

“People have never mocked or ridiculed me directly, but they do stare at me and avoid me, most people act very strange around me.

“It makes me feel very insecure and angry when people treat me differently.

“People are afraid, they are frightened of my horrible face and worried they might catch the disease.”

When Chandra Wisnu rarely goes out, he covers his face with a ski mask and sun glasses.

Chandra Wisnu’s children have shown signs of developing the tumors.

Dr Anthony Gapsari a leading skin specialist from the US, has come forward in a bid to help diagnose Chandra’s unusual condition.

Bubble Skin Man Prays For Cure (PHOTO)

Bubble Skin Man Prays For Cure (PHOTO)