Florida Teen Yasser Lopez Survives Harpoon Through Head

A sixteen year old who was accidentally shot in the head with a speargun has survived the tragic event and is currently recovering.

Doctors believe that his survival is due to the spear missing the vital blood vessels of his brain.

“The amazing thing is that he has been able to speak right now with short sentences and to make his needs felt,” Ross Bullock, a neurosurgeon and professor of neurological surgery at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, told CBS News. “His words are amazingly easy to understand. He can for example say that he does not have pain, but he is worried about the fact that he can’t use his left side properly.”

Yasser Lopez was shot in the head after a speargun that a friend was loading accidentally discharged the spear.

The spear entered just above his eye and traveled through his head until the point emerged from the back of his skull. Nearly 3 feet of the shaft protruded from his forehead.

Yasser remained alert and could speak with doctors.

Anders Cohen, chief of neurosurgery at The Brooklyn Hospital Center said: “It’s a wild story and not as uncommon as you think.

“People come into the hospital with gun shots, knives, baseball bats and machetes in their heads. You name it, I’ve seen it.”

Cohen added: “In (Lopez’s) case, he had two good things going for him when he first came in.

“First, he was awake and following commands, which allowed doctors to get a good neurological assessment. Many people with these injuries are in a coma or deeply affected by their injury.”

Lopez will be in the hospital for several months, but will most likely make a full recovery.

Florida Teen Survives Harpoon Through Head

Florida Teen Survives Harpoon Through Head