A Whale of a Tale

Max Young, a 67 year-old-man, from Sacramento California was rescued by a merchant vessel June 18 after his sailboat collided with a whale.

Mr.Young was sailing alone off the coast of Mexico when a whale hit his boat.

The boat sustained damage to the steering mechanism and began taking on water.

Young was “trying to bail out water as fast as he could, because he wasn’t sure how long it was going to take to be rescued,” his wife, Debra, told The Associated Press.

He activated his emergency beacon and began bailing water in an attempt to keep the sailboat afloat until help arrived.

Young also activated his EPIRB radio beacon.

“The safety equipment he had on board allowed us to find him very quickly. It was a big reason why we were able to rescue him,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Pamela J. Boehland

The Coast guard directed a merchant ship in the vicinity of Mr. Young’s craft to his exact location and he was rescued and taken aboard the vessel.

Young had been on the final leg of a trip from the East Coast to a marina in Emeryville, Calif., when the collision took place.

Whale Hits Sailboat Off Cost Of Mexico

Whale Hits Sailboat Off Cost Of Mexico