H.S. Cheerleading Coach Arrested On Child Seduction Charge

Twenty-two year old Megan Crafton turned herself into the police last week after being accused of having oral sex with a seventeen year old basketball player.

“We wouldn’t be having this conversation if it was her and some other gentleman who doesn’t go to the school, or isn’t part of the school system, but unfortunately in this case, it was and it made it illegal,” Michael Turner, a lieutenant at the Shelbyville Police Department, told the station.

The inappropriate sexual act allegedly took place last January in a Shelbyville grocery store’s parking lot in the accused car.

The seventeen year old has admitted to detectives that the two had been sexually involved since January.

“When she signed on as an assistant cheerleading coach, she took a responsibility that she wouldn’t have relations at that school,” Turner said.

However, Crafton pleaded not guilty in court on Thursday. If convicted, the Indianapolis cheerleading coach could face up to three years in prison.

In Indiana where she was charged, the legal age of consent is 16. But it is illegal to have relations with someone under the age of 18 if you have supervision over them in your workplace.

Megan Crafton was supposedly engaged to be married at the time of her surrender.

A jury trial for Crafton was set for Sept. 24.

cheerleading Coach Megan Crafton Arrested On Child Seduction Charges (PHOTO)

cheerleading Coach Megan Crafton Arrested On Child Seduction Charges (