Celebrity Tippers: The Saints and the Scum

The worst and the best of celebrity tippers. Not only do people watch everything you do on the big screen, they watch what you do with the money you make from the big screen too.

That’s the price of fame and how you treat the service industry says a lot about your character.

The top two tippers are Johnny Depp who once dropped over three thousand dollars as a tip on a stunned waitstaff and David Beckham who left a nine hundred dollar tip on a one hundred dollar bar tab.

The worst two tippers are Rachel Ray who always leaves exactly ten percent of the bill as a tip and Mick Jagger who left ten dollars on a ninety dollar food bill.

At least they left cash, though, some celebrities like the singer Usher leave autographs as a tip. Tiger Woods leaves absolutely no tip because he never carries any cash on him.

Here is a great list of the worst of the worst:

  1. Madonna – Doesn’t always leave a tip, when she does it’s a cheap one.
  2. Kelly Presten – Notoriously bad tipper. Most of the time she doesn’t leave a tip at all.
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow – Doesn’t leave a decent tip. It’s speculated she has trouble calculating the proper percentage.
  4. Barbra Streisand – Doesn’t always tip. When she does it’s $10 for a bill of over $450. She’s very high maintenance and demanding and no one ever wants to wait on her.
  5. Tobey Maguire – Doesn’t always leave a tip, and when he does it isn’t generous.
  6. Bill Cosby – Once left a $3 tip on a $350 order. He probably thinks the waitstaff needs to stop taking from others and get a real job.
  7. Ricki Lake – Once left a tip of $8.00 on a $142.44 bill. This after she let her young son run around the restaurant unattended – and he supposedly made a big mess.
  8. Bobby Brown – Rude to wait staff, lets his kids run amuk and left a $10 gratuity on a $250 restaurant tab.
  9. Sean Penn – He and three others had New Orleans waiters waiting on them hand and foot. The tip left on a $450 tab? Absolutely nothing. There are lots of instances of Sean Penn stiffing waitstaff. How many people do you think have spit in his food by now?
  10. Kirsten Dunst – According to one server she’s whiny and smells bad. Left nothing behind after racking up a $223 bill.

Top 10 Best Tippers:

10) Dan Aykroyd
9) Barack Obama
8) Bill Murray
7) Drew Barrymore
6) Russell Crowe
5) Drew Carey
4) Hulk Hogan
3) Charlie Sheen
2) David Beckham
1) Johnny Depp

Who Are The Best And Worst Of Celebrity Tippers