Woman Sues Little Leaguer for Errant Throw

A Little League catcher who accidently struck a women in the face with a baseball two years ago is being sued for the act.

Elizabeth Lloyd is seeking $150,000 to cover medical expenses incurred after the bullpen incident in Manchester, New Jersey.

She also wants financial compensation for her pain and suffering.

The attorney for Matthew Migliaccio, who was 11 when the accident happened, has stated that it’s “disgusting” for a child to be sued for an overthrow in a bullpen.

“I just think that it’s disgusting that you have people suing an 11-year-old kid for overthrowing his pitcher in the bullpen,” Pagano said. “It’s horrible this can actually happen and get this far. Ultimately, hopefully, justice will prevail.”

Her husband is also drawing suit for a mind-numbing charge: loss of “services, society and consortium” of his wife.

The Lloyds have requested a jury trial.

The incident happened in Manchester Township, N.J. Manchester Little League has accident insurance, but that only covers players and coaches, so they have denied coverage.

No courtdate has been set for the suit.

Woman Sues Little Leaguer for Errant Throw

Woman Sues Little Leaguer for Errant Throw