Soul for Sale on eBay

An Albuquerque woman has put something for sale on eBay that many people would not consider selling.

The woman, identified as Lori N. has put her soul up for bid on eBay for the price of $2,000.

Lori N told KOB-TV that she decided to sell her soul on eBay after a string of bad luck.

Lori N. said that she was a passenger in car crash and was in a coma for 3 weeks and suffered many injuries, which includes a broken pelvis, hip, collarbone, and leg.

“What I’m going to deliver is the opportunity for someone to save my soul. They can save it through prayer, they can save it through conversion,” Lori N explained. “And I’m also going to give them a certificate detailing the white and black marks on my soul.”

So far, there are no bids.

Over the years, the popular online auction website has been home to many strange auctions.

Here are just a few of the oddest.

1) Salinger’s toilet – $1 million

A toilet claimed to be from the former home of the Catcher in the Rye author was listed on eBay for $1 million in 2010.

2) Justin Bieber’s hair – $40,668

The hair sold for a staggering $40,668. All the proceeds went to charity.

3) Britney Spears’ used chewing gum – $14,000

4) Hugh Laurie’s cane from House – $8,300

5) Tissue used by Scarlett Johansson – $5,300

Woman Selling Soul On eBay After String Of Bad Luck

Woman Selling Soul On eBay After String Of Bad Luck