Generously Endowed Blonde Wanted In Robbery

A woman, referred to as the Buxom Bandit, is wanted by police in Queensland, Australia after holding up a filling station.

Her face was uncovered and she can be seen on a security camera. She is described as a blonde with long hair in her 20’s and with a generous bosom. However, she did wear gloves and left no fingerprints.

She threatened the station attendant with the knife she brought to the robbery.

“There were a number of serious threats to harm the attendant and she fled with a small amount of money,” a spokesman for Queensland police told The Daily Mail.

Her threats were not carried out, and she left with her knife and a little money. The getaway car was occupied by an also unidentified male companion.



 Buxom Bandit Wanted In Robbery

Buxom Bandit Wanted In Robbery