Satisfy Sweet Tooth On National Sugar Cookie Day

Need something to boost your spirits during the dog days of summer? July 9 celebrates National Sugar Cookie Day, honoring one of the most often-baked and most popular variety of cookies, the Sugar Cookie.

Sugar cookies are among the most simple cookie varieties to bake yourself and contain just six affordable ingredients, including flour, butter, granulated sugar, eggs, vanilla and baking powder.

Most purists enjoy their sugar cookies plain with a glass of ice cold milk, but some creative chefs add icing or candy sprinkles on top.

Sugar cookies can be baked in round or in unusual shapes using a cookie cutter and decorated with your favorite toppings.

Of course twitter is buzzing with excited cookie fanatics.

“Monday’s looking up,” the food blog site wrote. “July 9 is National Sugar Cookie Day.”

“National #Sugar Cookie Day,” wrote Karen. “I didn’t know or I would have baked some! Nothin’ like sugar cookie cutouts everyone likes the #frosted ones best.”

Veedah wrote, “Good morning! Happy National Sugar Cookie Day! Get some and indulge!”