Son of Scientology’s President Found Dead

San Fernando Valley, California – the body of 27 year old Alexander Jentzsch, son of that organization’s president, Heber Jentzsch, was found dead on July 2.

What caused his death? The coroner has not reached a conclusion yet, but Jentzsch’s mother Karen de la Carriere, fears foul play.

“Jentzsch’s autopsy was done last week. There was nothing abnormal about it, and his body didn’t show any signs of trauma,” Los Angeles County Assistant Coroner Ed Winter told “The cause of death will be listed for the time being ‘deferred,’ until the toxicology reports are in, which should be about four to six weeks from now.”

Alexander had been out of the media spotlight for some time and hadn’t been seen by many since 2004.

His mother, Karen de la Carriere, formally left the controversial religion back in 2010 and has since had her contact with her son severed.

Carrierre said she was denied access to see her son’s body by her sons wife. In California, a spouse has control over the remains of a deceased partner.

“My son’s wife and her parents are Scientologists, and I sent a friend of mine over to their house today with a letter for his wife. Alexander’s mother-in-law answered the door and told my friend, ‘all communication goes through the Office of Special Affairs’,” de la Carriere told Radar Online.

However a church spokesperson said that de la Carriere has not been in contact, reports the Daily News.

It will take 4-6 weeks before test results reveal the cause of death.

Jentzsch’s father-in-law found his body Tuesday night around 8 pm after he complained of a fever. He had taken NyQuil and other medications.

Alexander Jentzsch's Death Still A Mystery

Alexander Jentzsch’s Death Still A Mystery