How The Big Mac Special Sauce Is Made

McDonalds has just released their secret special sauce that they put on the Big Mac sandwich. McDonalds has been selling the Big Mac since 1968 and estimates it has sold at least 47 Billion of them.

Now everyone can see how the sandwich is made.

In the latest YouTube instalment the chain’s executive chef, Dan Coudreaut, keeps it casual – whipping off his chef’s whites to do some grilling in his plaid shirt.

He’s answering a question from burger fan Christine, who wants to know what is in their special sauce.

Coudreaut sets the “casual” atmosphere even further by recording the video in his own kitchen.

So what is in the secret sauce?  As Coudreaut points out, it’s not really much of a secret anymore since the incredients can easily be found online.

“Honestly, the ingredients have been available for many years. So it’s not really secret. But today we’re going to make a version of the Big Mac with ingredients that you can find out the grocery store,” said Coudreaut.