70-year-old Minister Rides Diamondback 7,000 times

Many people associate the thrill of riding a roller coaster with being young. Don’t tell that to retired minister, Gary Coleman, of Ohio.

The retired minister has visited Kings Island in Ohio this summer season 32 times since it opened for the season.

“I’ve always loved roller coasters since I’ve been a kid. It’s been a hobby. It’s what I like to do. I like to relax doing it. It’s a form of relaxation,” Coleman told ABC.

he says the best part of the caoster is the “air time.”

“I’ve gone down the highest coasters in the country. You always get used to the first dip, and then the rest of the time you’re in your seat. But this one, your legs are in the air, your hands are in the air, you’re out of the seat,” he said.

Many people visit amusement parks on a regular basis, but not everyone can make the claim that Coleman can. He has ridden on the Diamondback roller coaster a total of 7,000 times in his lifetime.

His 7,000th ride was on July 4th of this year. He has ridden it 1,190 times this year alone.

Coleman told ABC news he hopes to eventually hit 10,000 rides by the end of next year.

“My goal is to hit 10,000 rides by the end of next year. I love it. I think it’s fun. I just really enjoy it,” he laughed.

ABC news writes:

He’s spent more than 350 hours on the ride. As of Sunday, he had visited the amusement park 32 times this season alone, riding the coaster a combined 1,190 times, which, if you do the math, averages to 37 rides per day. But that’s nothing compared to his personal best on June 17 when he rode the ride 111 times.

Take a front-row ride on the Diamondback in the video below.