Michael Wyatt, also known as the “Toe Suck Fairy”, was arrested in May for harassing a woman about massaging her feet in an Arkansas grocery store.

However, this was not the first incident.

Wyatt has been assaulting women’s feet for more than 20 years and already served a prison sentence in the 90’s over impersonating a podiatrist to mingle and suck the on the toes of a woman in a clothing store.

He also served time for threatening a convenience store clerk, stating he wished to cut her feet off, and watch her bleed out as he sucked her toes.

Wyatt served time once again in 1999 for asking a woman if he could amputate her feet, while presenting pictures of feet-less women.

The Faulkner County District Court sentenced the “Toe Suck Fairy” to one year in prison after he violated the terms of no harassment from his previous recent sentence.