South Carolina Funeral Home to Add a Starbucks Coffee Shop

Easley, South Carolina – CNN is reporting that the Chris Robinson family, which currently operates a funeral parlor in a large building, will be extending their store front to include a Starbucks Coffee store.

The store will include access to the funeral home and will be providing service to both patrons and the general public alike.

Chris Robinson believes that the Starbucks will give a place of relief where people attending wakes and funeral services can congregate to relieve stress.

Robinson, tells WSPA-TV that it is just one more service for the grief-stricken.

“If this provides them a little escape, gives them a break from the stress they are going through, that’s what its all about — to make them feel a little better,” he tells the TV station.

Additionally, the general public can enter the store from the front door and purchase their products. This is a first of its kind for both a funeral home and Starbucks.


Starbucks contacted USA Today to confirm that the chain “is not” opening a store inside the funeral home.

As we confirmed, this is a Foodservice account, but Starbucks is not “opening a store” inside a funeral home. Chris Robinson, the owner of the funeral home, is opening his own cafĂ© called Coffee Corner that will be serving Starbucks coffee and beverages. …

The way the footage was spliced and diced in the original local news story it looks like we hooked up a logo outside the funeral home to drive traffic in, which I assure you, is not the case. .

U.S. Funeral Home To Sell Starbucks Coffee

U.S. Funeral Home To Sell Starbucks Coffee