Hockey Player Murders Referee Roommate

What started out as a story about compassion and assistance took an ugly turn in 2007.

Former Philadelphia Flyers draft pick, Ladislav Scurko, was convicted of murdering a referee whom was living with him in Slovakia.

The 2004 draft pick welcomed referee Marek Liptaj into his home in Slovakia when the referee indicated he had cancer.

Yahoo News reports Liptaj refused to leave home after he revealed he did not actually have cancer.

During a fight, Scurko stabbed Liptaj 14 times. Liptaj’s body was not discovered until a year after his death. Scurko received eight years in prison in Slovakia for the crime.

From Korzar:

After the final speech of evidence were presented. They gave the prosecutor, the injured party’s legal representative, advocate the defendant, substitute counsel and the defendant himself.
The conclusions of the psychiatric examinations Ščurko act committed in a state of diminished sanity, the court considered a mitigating factor and therefore imposed a sentence at the lower rate.

The court imposed a protective psychiatric outpatient treatment by a prisoner. The sentences him among the facilities for imprisonment with moderate surveillance.

Scurko will serve eight years, the minimum for such an offense.

2004 NHL Draft Pick Murders Referee

2004 NHL Draft Pick Murders Referee