Jaywalker Tased in Florida
A jaywalker in Florida was tased three times after failing to provide identification to an officer from the Casselberry Florida Police Department,said ABC News.

Zikomo Peurifoy was stopped for jaywalking in Casselberry, Fla., and refused numerous times to provide identification to officers.

Saying he did nothing wrong, Peurifoy accused the officers of making a false arrest, police said.

Noelle Price is a friend of Peurifoy and recorded the incident on video and posted it to his YouTube account.

The police department indicates this video showed they were polite to the suspect and asked for identification three times and warned him of being arrested if he did not provide it before the subject was subdued.

“The officers were polite the whole time through and gave good verbal commands,” Del Rosso said. “You hear the officer saying why he stopped him.”

The police officers found a weapon on the suspect, which he had a permit to carry. They also discovered weapons in Price’s bag resulting in her arrest.

Police Taser Jaywalker: Incident Caught On Video

Police Taser Jaywalker: Incident Caught On Video