Four American Rowers Set Off to Cross Bering Strait By Rowboat

Inuvik, Northwest Territories of Canada – four Americans have set off on the adventure of a lifetime to become the first rowers to cross the Bering Strait from the Northwest Territories all the way to Provideniya, Russia.

The rowboat measures 8 meters in length and carries aboard food, water, cooking supplies, and some scientific equipment.

The vessel will be taking samples of plankton along the way to aid in testing a theory about possible whale migrations into the area.

“We leave tomorrow (july 17th),” a message on their website said. “This afternoon we spent time with Jacki Challis, who gave us signed certificates from Denny Rodgers, the mayor of Inuvik, a very nice gesture! Thank you City of Inuvik for welcoming us and helping us kit our expedition with last-minute supplies.”

The rowers all have long distance training with one, Paul Ridley, having crossed the 5,600 km Atlantic Ocean in a solo journey by rowboat back in 2009.

You can follow the lads journey on their website

Rowers Begin Journey Across The Bering Strait

Rowers Begin Journey Across The Bering Strait