Seattle Woman Attacked by Pack of Racoons

Seattle, Washington – Michaela Lee, a 28 year old jogger, was enjoying a run with her dog when the animal took chase after a raccoon.

Understandably, Lee went after her dog and caught up with it after it had the raccoon up a tree.

As it turns out, the raccoon was a mother with her young and that prompted a pack of raccoons to attack the woman.

Lee took flight but the coons – all five of them – were able to knock her to the ground less than 100 feet from the safety a neighbor’s house.

“I went over to pick up the leash and head home when three other raccoons just charged out of the grass straight for me. I decided to run, but they were chasing me and clawing at the back of my legs,” Lee said.

The neighbor and his dog were able to scare off the animals in an attack that lasted less than 30 seconds.

However, Lee suffered over 100 scratches and bites. She’s okay though.

“I’m so thankful that my dog is so loyal,” said Lee, who believes it was the actions of her dog, Madison, that saved her from further injury.