Cat Survives Entire Washing Machine Cycle

Cat Survives Entire Washing Machine Cycle

Eight Week Old Kitten Survives Washing Machine Cycle

Aberdeen, Scotland – The eight week old kitty, known by its owner as “Princess”, has survived a harrowing experience of being washed in a complete washing machine cycle, reports The Scotsman.

The kitty climbed into the front-end loaded machine as its owner stepped aside for a moment. Unbeknownst to the owner, when the wash cycle was kicked off, Princess was inside.

“I’d been doing some housework and I noticed Tinker wasn’t running around as usual,” said Emma, who lives with husband Nigel, 30, and children Connor, nine, Amy, six, Declan, two, and baby Kodie.

“Then I heard something coming from the washing machine.

“I had a look and I saw her stuck inside on top of all the clothes.

“The kids were close to tears when we found her.”

“Tinker was soaked right through and her eyes had clouded over.

By the time the cycle was completed an hour later, the owner, Emma Lothian, found her beloved pet clinging to a pair of denim pants.

“I wrapped her up in a towel and took her to the vet, but honestly, it didn’t look as if she would pull through.”

The owner rushed her soggy & groggy 10-week-old kitten to the vet where after two days it was released in fine condition.

Her owner’s fast response to dry the kitten and warm it up helped save its life.

Emma said: “It’s great now she is back to her normal self, we’re so pleased that the vet managed to help her.

“But we’re definitely going to have to keep a close eye on her. She’s not allowed in the kitchen now.”