Farmer Buys His Cows $100,000 Waterbeds

Farmer Buys His Cows $100,000 Waterbeds © Carmentianya |

$100,000 Water Beds For Cows

In the Oregon dairy scene there is a new trend that is getting high praise from the farmers. It seems there is now a waterbed for cows.

This waterbed is designed just with the cow in mind. It has two separate chambers of water that allow for the cow to feel more like it is floating.

“There’s four or five dairies in the Willamette Valley that have them. It’s really beginning to catch on around here,” Kevin Krous with NW Dairy Service told KGW.

It cushions the impact as the cows lay down. It causes less sores on the cows and the cows seem to be much happier. It also allows for less bacteria to grow on the surface of the bed, meaning few infections for the cows.

“As the cow gets ready to lie down, water moves to the front bag where her knees will come first therefore cushion it more. Less sores, less cows being stuck. Happier cows, happier milk,” said Ben Van Loon.

The Van Loon brothers of Van Loon Dairy have seen an improvement in the cows that they were testing the beds on. So much so that they decided to spend $100,000 on 300 more water beds for their cows.