Record 12-foot Long Sturgeon Caught along Canadian River

Fishing in the Fraser River in British Columbia Canada proved lucky for English visitor Michael Snell who caught a record-breaking sturgeon.

The massive fish tipped the scales at 12 feet long and 1100 pounds.

Mike said of the fish: “I could only get my arms halfway around the (sturgeon’s) head. We realized the sheer length of this fish — next to the boat, it’s nearly as big as the boat.”

He added. “It’s so big, like a wine barrel or a 50-gallon oil drum.”

The jury is still out on whether or not the 65-year old Snell’s massive catch breaks the record for the largest fish caught in fresh water in North America using a rod and reel.

Others on record as the largest sturgeon caught have weighed 1800 pounds and been a foot longer in length. Snell’s catch will at least rank as one of the largest sturgeon ever caught.

Scientists believe his fish may be 100 years or older.