Detroit Boy’s Lemonade Stand Earns him the Praise of His City

A Detroit boy named Joshua Smith has inspired his city by raising over $3,500 to help his city through its dire financial crisis.

Smith, 9, worked last Monday through Friday at his stand selling popcorn as well as his refreshing lemonade. However, residents kept giving him donations even after he had shut his operation down.

For his efforts, Joshua has become the first kid under high-school age to win a Rosa Parks scholarship of $2,000, which can be applied to any college he attends.

“I just heard that we were in a crisis and I wanted to help,” Smith said, “I was trying to come up with [a goal] of $600 or $700 and my mom suggested $1,000.”

Joshua has received praise and accolades from city officials to University of Michigan athletes.

“The week has been tedious, strenuous, arduous,” Flynn Smith, Joshua’s father, jokingly said. “Monday was cool. He was still just a boy in the neighborhood. Our profit from Monday was $32. We took in $100 but because of expenses and everything else, we only made $32. But after Monday, it hit.”