Jonathan Roth Arrested in Connection with Father's Fake Death

Jonathan Roth Arrested in Connection with Father’s Fake Death

Jonathan Roth, 22, has been arrested after allegedly aiding his father’s attempt to fake his own death.

Roth denies that he knew about the scheme, but his stepmother, Evana Roth, has emails that state otherwise, reports The Huffington Post.

Evana fears for her life because of the drastic measures that her husband went to in order to fake his own death.

Jonathan Roth will face several charges that involve the scam. Among those charges could be insurance fraud and bank fraud. Although faking your own death is not a crime in and of itself, the actions taken in the process are illegal. For instance, attempting to collect on life insurance when a person is not really dead is illegal.

Anyone involved in trying to collect the money knowing that the person is not dead is subject to insurance fraud charges. Both Roth men will face these very serious charges in the near future.