Mark Zuckerberg Topless Pics Go Viral

Mark Zuckerberg Topless Pics Go Viral

Topless Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Dainty Pose

An unusual photo of a topless Mark Zuckerberg recently surfaced the web and is stirring a lot of questions.

What looks like a monthly calendar featuring a few Chippendale’s is actually a photo taken at a wedding of Facebook’s product manager Justin Shaffer to wife Annabel Tea, reports TMZ.

The photo first emerged on Imgur and then Facebook ‘accidentally’ by Facebook’s Director of Engineering Andrew Bosworth, who can also be seen in the picture. When Bosworth realized the mistake the photos were quickly taken down. But not before many, including TMZ, snatched a copy of the picture and sent it spiraling down the black hole of the Internet abyss.

Ironically the photo was placed on the web the same day the Federal Trade Commission settled the charges against Facebook, who was supposedly leaking members information without the proper legal consent. The company is now required to undergo strict government audits dealing with their privacy practices and settings. So was the photo of Mark Zuckerberg featuring Austin Power’s chest a casual accident, or is there some other hidden symbolic meaning to the entire scenario?