Woman Uses Poison Boyfriend With Visine

Woman Uses Poison Boyfriend With Visine

Woman Uses Visine To Slowly Poison Boyfriend

A 33-year old Pennsylvania woman desperate for attention from her boyfriend began to poison his water and beverages on a daily basis using a popular eye redness formula over a period of several years, reports ABC News.

Vicki Jo Mills of Ayr Township, PA says she hatched the plot to begin adding Visine eye drops to her boyfriend’s drinking water, juices and sodas several years ago and now she faces life in prison for her actions.

Visine is an over the counter formula available at drugstores usually used to remove redness and soreness from eyes.

Mills confessed after her boyfriend Thurman Nesbitt III went to the doctor and complained of chronic nausea and high blood pressure.

Mills, who is free on $75,000 bail, insists that she never meant to kill Nesbitt, who is the father of her son, but merely wanted him to pay more attention to her.