Tonya Ann Fowler 911 To Complain About Mug Shot (PHOTO)

Tonya Ann Fowler 911 To Complain About Mug Shot (PHOTO)

Tonya Ann Fowler Uses 911 as Complaint Line

When 45 year old Tonya Ann Fowler didn’t like the looks of her police mug shot, she decided to call 911 and use it as a complaint line.

When her mug shot, taken last year when the Georgia woman was arrested for making terrorist threats, appeared in a local publication called “Bad and Busted”, Fowler used the emergency phone number to register a complaint, claiming the police didn’t give her any time to put on a little make-up before taking her photo.

“Ms. Fowler contacted 911 earlier today in reference to being upset about a picture,” an officer stated in the report. “I informed Ms. Fowler to contact 911 for emergencies, injuries or violence.”

Her audacity merited her another arrest by police for unlawful use of the emergency 911 phone system in addition to disorderly conduct. Another mugshot was taken for this second arrest, but no telling if the disgrunted Ms.

Fowler may warrant a third photograph if she hasn’t learned her lesson and dials 911 yet again to complain about the quality of the most recent photograph, also taken sans make-up.