World's Oldest Siblings: 9 Brothers And Sisters Set Record

World’s Oldest Siblings: 9 Brothers And Sisters Set Record By Julie Anne Workman (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Nine Siblings Set World Record for Longest Living Silbings

Barbagia Island, Sardinia – Guinness Book of World Records has awarded the title of “longest living siblings” to a group of nine brothers and sisters from this tiny Mediterranean island.

The siblings, from the Melis clan, reached a combined age of 818 when their oldest sister celebrated her 105th birthday recently.

Natives to the Island have long been reported to live long lives and the fact bear that out – Sardinia has one of the highest concentrations of centenarians on the planet.

The Melis family certainly has its own beliefs for their success at living: plenty of exercise incidental to caring for their flocks in this mountainous island and a diet of locally grown cheese, pasta and bread.

“We eat genuine food, meaning lots of minestrone and little meat and we are always working,” middle-brother Alfonso told the Guardian.

Alfonso stays active running the local bar and enjoys tending to his garden where he grows beans, aubergines, peppers and potatoes.

His advice of work and minestrone was echoed by his older sister Claudia who said: ‘ You just keep working and you eat minestrone, beans and potatoes.’

“The Mediterranean lifestyle is always held up as being beneficial to a long, healthy life, and Italians in particular feature prominently in the list of supercentenarians and centenarians,” said Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief for Guinness World Records.

The siblings continue to be very active with the next oldest, a 99 year old female, who hikes a mountain every day on the way to Church services. May they continue to live long and prosper.