Man Dressed As Bigfoot killed, Creature Spotted In Ohino?

Man Dressed As Bigfoot killed, Creature Spotted In Ohino?

Bigfoot Video Sighting Ohio 2012

Bigfoot is back and this time in Ohio. There have been several “Bigfoot” sightings in the area. It seems that the mysterious creature known as “Sasquatch” was videoed in April 2012 in Northeast Ohio in the Grand River area.

The video was taken by someone riding a bike along a path in a wooded area when this large, hairy creature crosses the path in front of them. He was dark in color, big, hairy and carrying a stick. It so alarmed the bicyclist that he/she lost control and crashed into the brush.

Many now ask the question? Is this sighting of “Bigfoot” real or is it a well planned hoax? Earlier this year, there was a “Bigfoot” captured on video in Idaho and the similarities are eerie. It is up to you whether you choose to believe, maybe one day we went get answers to the mystery of “Bigfoot”.

the original video was actually shot in Washington, not Ohio, according to the videos owner Ryan DeDoux.

While visiting my family in Washington state, my brother and I were taking turns riding my parent’s quad. He came back claiming he saw bigfoot. I thought he was making it up until we played back the video. I don’t know if someone was in the woods messing with us or something, but whatever it is freaks me out!

Don’t wear a Bigfoot costume

According to NBC Montana, a 44-year old Kalispell man is dead after being hit on Highway 93 Sunday night. Troopers say Randy Lee Tenley was wearing an apparently store-bought ghillie suit when two vehicles struck him.

A ghillie suit is a type of three-dimensional camouflage, sometimes worn by military snipers. The suits are available online and at hunting shops. Troopers say the get-up played a big role in his death. They say he was in the right-hand lane of Highway 93 South when a 15-year old Somers girl hit him.

“He was trying to make people think he was Sasquatch so people would call in a Sasquatch sighting,” Trooper Jim Schneider told the Daily Inter Lake newspaper on Monday. “You can’t make it up. I haven’t seen or heard of anything like this before. Obviously, his suit made it difficult for people to see him.”