A typo brings two people together

A typo can bring two people together. Ruben P. Salazar of Waco, Texas received an email intended for someone who lived 9,000 miles away. Being a nice gentleman, he forwarded the email, along with a little note, to Rachel who lived in Bangkok, Thailand. Because of the note he sent along, they started talking regularly.

Then Rachel decided to surprise Ruben with a visit. She stayed eight wonderful days. When they were out dancing, she commented on how sweet he was. He proposed, and she accepted. Their marriage occurred on November 24, 2007.

Although some of Ruben’s friends and family had second thoughts and couldn’t believe the shocking news, “They now all tell us, ‘you’re perfect for each other. You’ve found the right match!'” said Rachel.

What’s the best story you’ve ever heard about how a couple met?