Bigfoot Sighting, Video Shot In Ohio 2012

Bigfoot Sighting, Video Shot In Ohio 2012

There is a lot of controversy buzz in the news and on the social networks surrounding a new video clip of Bigfoot that was taken in Ohio in April.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows a large hairy creature, black in appearance crossing a road carrying a large stick in his left hand. The clip is very short, and is fairly clear for a Bigfoot video.

Bigfoot enthusiasts are comparing this video clip to one that was shot in Idaho earlier in the year of a large bipedal creature that was black and hairy walking into the woods. The similarities are very close.

Ohio has frequent Bigfoot sightings, especially in the northeastern part of the state.

Of course, many people believe that the latest video is a hoax because the footage is so clear. However, many enthusiasts attribute the clearer recordings as a result in better technology and recording equipment. Cell phones now have the capability to record videos in higher quality than video cameras did just ten years ago.

So far YouTube comments include:

“It is quite awesome that he is carrying a stick. Gives credibility to it being real,? also makes me think how smart they are. Proof enough they avoid humans. Awesome catch there.”

“I believe in aliens and My children belive in that too an bigfoot. My children got me believing in a bigfoot too now….I have been doing homework on him too…and I am starting to become a believer now. ”

“Something that has been puzzling me. Why do big foots run out in front of vehicles? Like the ones that run out in front of cars across roads and now this one. Why wouldn’t they? wait for the vehicle to go past, and then when it’s safe, cross over?”

In the age of HD video, how can we still be capturing images of Bigfoot (and aliens for that matter) in low resolution?