Headless Torso Found In 16 Pieces Across Delhi, Body Identified

Headless Torso Found In 16 Pieces Across Delhi, Body Identified

Tattoo Artist’s Headless Torso Found in 16 Pieces Across Dehli

Police suspect that a 23-year-old tattoo artist was hit by a train, but the man’s family insists that he was murdered.

The remains of Paras Bhasin were found in more than a dozen pieces, scattered across Dehli on Saturday evening, reports The Times Of India.

Bhasin’s body was identified by a tattoo: the name of his wife. His family believes that Bhasin was murdered by the family of Arya Samaj, his wife. According to Bhasin’s parents, Samaj still lived with her parents who were against the marriage.

The tattoo artist had received a text message from Samaj just hours before his death, begging that he forget her. Bhasin left his home around 3 p.m. to consult an attorney and his wife. His body was discovered by 4 p.m.

“She also sent him a message which said, ‘I apologize for my parents’ behaviour. They shouldn’t have insulted you like that! Please forget me’,” said Karan, Bhasin’s brother-in-law.

Bhasin’s family believes that he was murdered before being put into the path of the train. His mother received multiple anonymous phone calls less than 30 minutes after his body was discovered, disclosing the location of the discovery.

“We found his arms at different places while the torso was found at a another place. His legs too were found chopped off and thrown away at quite some distance from each other. His phone was found crushed, with the SIM card removed. If at all he was crushed by a train, we suspect he was first murdered and then thrown on the tracks,” said Karan.

It was later noted that the SIM card was missing from what remained of Bhasin’s cell phone.