Thieves Steal 49 Cows, Farmers Ask "Where's The Beef?"

Thieves Steal 49 Cows, Farmers Ask “Where’s The Beef?” By wolvenraider (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Thieves Steal 49 Cows from Darthmouth from Communal Farm

Dartmouth – Police confirmed that 49 cows were stolen from a communal farm located 452 Old Fall River Road farm.

The police reported that they had some suspects and ideas about what possibly happened.

Residents in the small area were shocked by theft given that the area is known for its openness and congeniality.

However, less than 24 hours after the bovine theft was reported, the owner of the livestock confirmed finding 40 of the cows at an animal auction 350 miles away in the town of New Holland, PA. The owner, Ahmed Mahoud, reported that he got a tip on the whereabouts of the animals and drove out to investigate and was able to identify the animals.

“I went pale like a ghost, I went to the farm and it was completely empty. There was nothing there, nothing at all,” explained cow co-owner Paul Tavares.

“Nothing except my two little sheep, four goats and that’s it,” added fellow cow co-owner Ahmed Mamoud.

It’s still not known where the other nine remain. Dartmouth police are conducting an active investigation and confirmed they have suspects in the case.

“It was just theft, somebody trying to make extra money or thinking that we were fools or something like that and we would never try to get our cows back, but we’re the type of people that if we have to go across the other side of the country to get our animals back,” added one of the owners.