Murderer Found On Cruise 13 Years After Escape

Murderer Found On Cruise 13 Years After Escape

Escaped Murderer Located 13 Years Later on Luxury Cruise

Some 13 years after he eluded authorities, a murderer was finally taken into custody aboard a luxury oceanliner traveling in the waters off of northern Germany.

The unidentified 65 year old man was arrested aboard the MCS Poseia cruise ship when it docked at Kiel.

Although the felon, who had been originally sentenced to life in prison for murder, gun violations and robbery, did not leave the ship to shop or sightsee during its docking, he was under the mistaken impression that by being on board a ship flying a Panamanian flag he was not under the jurisdiction of local police.

When German police officials discovered his name on the passenger manifest, they quickly boarded the vessel and found their escaped murderer on board, advising him that he was being taken into custody for his previous crimes and was not in fact immune from being arrested simply because he was travelling aboard a foreign ship.