Amateur Daredevil Kills Self in Bizzare Playground Stunt

Oberviehbach, Germany – A twenty year old currently identified only as ‘Tobias’ has killed himself in a stunt reminiscent of the popular reality US TV Show “Jackass”.

According to the Munchner Merkur newspaper, Tobias was part of a group of young German men who called themselves the “Bavarian Dumba—s”.

The group would entertain fans by video filming their own extreme stunts. This fatal stunt involved duct taping ‘Tobias’ to the roundabout in a local playground and winding rope around the roundabout fixing one end to a BMW car.

The driver, best friend of the deceased, then sped off in the BMW. Perhaps the entertainment value would come in watching the amateur daredevil spin wildly around and experience extreme dizziness.

However, the velocity of the roundabout coupled with the G-force of his body easily overcame the duct tape and ‘Tobias’ was hurled away suffering fatal brain injuries.

I woman who lives near the playground, could hear screams.

“I heard this terrible scream and shouts for help,” the woman, identified by Munchner Merkur as Rita H., said. “When I arrived my husband was already there and he was trying to revive the victim but it was useless. He was covered in blood and think his neck was broken.”

His father is calling for a ban of such amateur stunts from social networking sites to prevent any other deaths.

“I wish these video on the Internet would be banned — these are dangerous actions,” he said. “This type of thing just never happens again. Never again. “