Car Crashes Into Couple's Bedroom, Hits Park Car Before "flying" 80ft

Car Crashes Into Couple’s Bedroom, Hits Park Car Before “flying” 80ft

Couple Awakes To A Lexus In Their Bedroom

A couple in Epsom, Surrey were asleep in their bed when a Lexus rounded the corner in front of their residence, mounted over a parked Audi and came plunging through their bedroom wall. It was a miracle that the couple escaped uninjured, according to reports.

The Lexus was driven by three men who were treated and released at Epsom Hospital with only minor injuries.

The silver Lexus left a path of destruction before coming to a stop in the couple‚Äôs bedroom. A fence, a post box, a road sign, and a few other cars were all damaged during the Lexus’ out of control ride. The first floor of the house was left with a gigantic hole with debris scattered across the bedroom and bathroom.

Neighbors thought that a plane had landed because the sound of the crash was so loud. The cause of the accident is still unknown and is under investigation.

“It sounded like a plane coming out the sky. I think the car flew about 80ft before it came to rest in the side of the house,” described one neighbor.

The Daily Mail has a rather amusing graphic to showcase the spectacular scene.